Art Park


Enter the Art Park from Webb Street and admire "Soaring Spirit," the powerful eagle sculpture by Sara Balbin, commissioned by Karen and Glenn Jacobson in memory of their son Nels who was tragically killed in 2005.

To the right of the road off Webb Street which leads to the handicapped accessible ramp for the WOWSPACE, the posing blocks by Miles Amorelli have now been transformed into "Cubes of Truth." Look into their mirrors. Wander further into the park to the "In Our Dreams" mural which now has a sandy beach with driftwood.


Coming into the park from Vinal Street, you are greeted with a kaleidoscope of color, "Recycled Rising Sun," by Miles Amorelli--a perfect background for a family portrait. Take a seat on one of the benches, perhaps next to "Vincent van Frogh," by Beau Smith, and look toward the WOWSPACE. "Zoe," by Jim Budish, prances beneath the paper birch tree and awaits your loving petting. A powerful sculpture, "We Move With Conviction," by Nathan Hatch makes its bold statement.


Jim Archbold, Dave Beauvillia, and Justin Gutt planned and created the infrastructure of this mini-art park for all to enjoy.


All sculptures within the WOW Art Park are designed and created by wonderful and talented artists. Each piece of work is copyrighted.


"Recycled Rising Sun" by Miles Amorelli


"Vincent van Frogh" by Beau Smith


"Zoe" by Jim Budish


"We Move With Conviction" by Nathan Hatch


"Tranquilatree" by David Windey


Dedicated to our Mother, Mother-In-Law and Grandmother


May 25, 1929 - October 13, 2018


A Motivating Force Of WOW


A Shining Light For Us All


The Steven B. and Karen C. Smith Family



"Taking Flight" by Vic Rouleau (Vic's Visions)


Check out our newest rustic metal sculpture in the Art Park (May, 2024) by Vic Rouleau of Holcombe, WI. This sculpture was made possible from the proceeds of WOW's Dueling Pianos Event that is held every February at the WOWSPACE. Drop by and take a look at our cranes taking flight!