When was the WOWSPACE at 114 Vinal Street built?


We don't know for sure. Court papers from November 6, 1886 suggest that it was built sometime prior to September 4, 1884. In this document, it indicates that Adolph Meyer and his wife, O.M. Meyer were sued by Henry Mendel and Ira Smith causing the property to be sold.


This leads to many questions. Were Mr. and Mrs. Meyer the original owners? What had been their plans for the building with its elegant zinc capitals over the windows, the octopus furnace with the wooden flues, the second story spacious apartment with four identical bedrooms (possibly for roomers?) in additon to the family living space? Or were Mr. Mandel and Mr. Smith the builders or just the mortgage holders?


Answers to these questions may never be learned; however, we do know that on November 6, 1886, on the steps of the courthouse in Shawano, Charles Heins of Kiel, Wisconsin, purchased the building for $300.


Charles Heins and his brother, William, ran Heins Brothers Dry Goods store from the time of purchase until they rented the space to Mose Slepyan, in the early 1920's, who operated a clothing store. In 1924, the widow Heins sold the store to George and Alma Turecek who converted it to a grocery store. In 1946, the Tureceks sold the building to Alvin and Clara Laude who continued the grocery store. The widowed Clara Laude sold the building to Ervin and Lucinda Laude who continued using the building as a grocery store as did the next owners--first Bob and  Lisa Daniels and then Paul Hajos who sold the building to Joseph and Kathy Gwidt who operated a pharmacy in the space. In 2006, the Gwidt's donated the building to the Walls of Wittenberg, Inc.


Since 2006, the WOWSPACE has been refurbished: the octopus furnace with wooden flues is gone; the rosettes on the zinc capitals are burnished with gold; the stained glass windows have been restored; bathrooms have been added and a new tin ceiling is in place. Once auctioned off at a sheriff's sale, the WOWSPACE has an elegance she never knew.


This "WOW" event space has hosted concerts, art shows, wreath making and craft shows. See the "Community Events" page to learn of future and past events.