Contributing Artists

We would like to provide recognition and web site links for our contributing artists that have either provided concerts, theatre, displayed their work or provided demonstrations.

We understand that we may mistakenly miss one of our contributing artists.  If you feel you should be mentioned on this page please kindly contact us by email.



Artists Work On Display

Artfully Autumn - Fall 2021

     paintings by Carmen Duran

     textile art by Jean Sredl

     wood puzzles by Blaine Koch

     chain saw art by Michael Koeppel

     paintings by Alan Clough


Kaleidoscope of Color - Fall 2020

     Jeannie Sredl

     Tim Baumhardt

     Carol Strand

     Carmen Duran

     Jim Leuenberger

     Kirk Stark



Fall into Art - 2019

     Carmen Duran

     Scott Lawton

     Jim Leuenberger

     Hilary Rinke

     Jeannie Sredl

     David Windey


From Farm to Fork (to Fabulous!) - 2013

     Alicia Rheal (

     Sue V. Medaris (


Those Johnson Girls and All Their Horses - 2012

     Naya Johnson Rydzewski, Peggy Johnson Miller, Lisa Johnson

     Kristin Johnson Hoffman & Sonya Rydzewski Meeker


5 Lives: Wittenberg, Wisconsin - 2012

     Laura Hunt, Jordan Innes, Anna Anderson, Char Cocchiola

     Dakota Crowell, Sean Martin and Steven Weller


Artists of Antigo - 2011

     Mun Benishek, Myra Nye, Andy Kazukewicz, Eric Gunderson,

     Mary Turnbull, Jamie Myers, Bette Ebel, Mary Burt,

     Julie Bauknecht, Joanne March , Pat Peterson, Cindy Martin


The Art of Jean Accola - 2010 (


3 Guys From Gresham - 2010

     David Aschenbrener, Curt Knoke & Simon Levin


His Autumn Years - The work of Richard Neevel - 2009


Impressions From A Ladder: The Art of Warren Clough - 2008



Concerts & Community Theatre


Burnt Toast & Jam - 2013

     Timothy M. Balke, Kurby Hoffman, Sarah Ludeman,

     Tod Pubanz & Patrick Rades


Wausau Area Youth Symphony Chamber Orchestra - 2013

     Andrew Bates, Benjamin Bates, Anna Bauman, Weeden Bauman

     Samuel Manser, Carrie Schneiost, Emily Theile &

     Simeon Von Haden, under the direction of Patrick Langer


Murder In Black & White - 2013

     Performed by the Crossroads Community Actors


Jump Ship Blues Band - 2012, 2013

     Harley Pryne, Eric Grasamkee, Rich Johnson

     Tana DeLonay, Erick Carlson & John Strassburg


Crossroads Community Theatre

     2013 - Neil Simon's The Odd Couple

     2013 - Murder in Black & White

     2012 - The Fatal Fifties Affair


Kristi Cowles - 2010


Yata Mother's Day Concert - 2009

     Yata (aka Steve Peinovich) (


Aaron Wiener Jazz Quintet - 2009

     Aaron Wiener, Willie Moore, Aaron Ollswang, Ben Kelly & Erick Ballard


Chloe Boelter & Vibhas Kendzia Concert - 2009


Vibhas Kendzia Concert - 2008, 2009, 2011 (


Quilt Shows & Speakers

Louise Schotz - 2014

Sharon V. Rotz - 2013, 2014

Chris Lynn Kirsch - 2013

Milwaukee Art Quilters - 2013

Andrea Nelson - 2012

Linda Pontefract - 2012

Wreath Making

Roger & Margaret Chase